How to break a heart

2011-08-07 @ 10:21:49
Av någon anledning har jag älskat denna vers och refräng sedan första gången jag hörde den. Ibland så faller man bara för saker, utan att egentligen veta varför.

I'll make it through this pain, my dreams won't call your name
I'm stronger than that, cos I still know how to love
Know that will be enough, and this moment will fade into the past
You won't be the end of me, if you were the one you wouldn't hurt me so bad

You gave me the world, gave me the world to take it all away
All you left me was yesterday and this space in my heart
Now it's slowly tearing me apart
I'm takin' all that I learned from you, I'll make it something I'll never do
I can't be who you are, you taught me how to break a heart

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